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This is Money – Toothfairy Finance

November 27, 2011

Just had a flick through my email and someone was kind enough to of forwarded me this article from This is Money. Sort of sums up payday loans as we know them, but my favourite line from the article is this closing paragraph:

Messages sent to the email address provided on the website with questions for the firm were returned with a ‘delivery failure’ notice.  A message was left at its call centre asking to speak with a director of the company, but Financial Mail received no reply.

Christ man, Joe Public can’t get a response from these knobs, why would you think the Daily Mail group would be any better? But then I scrolled through the comments and noticed one from Oliver Larholt, so I bet he’s kicking himself on that one.

At Toothfairy we help our customers avoid the excessive unauthorised borrowing fees of the High Street banks. Angie (above) is absolutely correct, even if your credit references are perfect the banks will not extend you borrowing because i) they can make excessive fees; and ii) they are probably too slow to react to your needs. We are a quick fix when you want it most, with money arriving in your account in under 7 seconds from application. However we should not be regarded as a long term borrowing solution and we make this clear to our customers. We use the example of a taxi or hotel room. Like us, these make sense in the short term, on an occasional basis, when you are in a hurry but you wouldn’t see either of them as a long term solution. As a convenient solution we are useful and can save you a great deal of money BEWARE-whilst we have an honesty policy, OTHERS like Wonga add hidden fees such as £5.50 just to transfer your money /£20 for a failed swipe

Honest policy my arse, I don’t remember my bank ever phoning me up telling me “I won’t be so brave” to write emails to them when I question their policy.

Full article can be found here.

Debt Killed: Toothfairy Finance

November 25, 2011

So there you have it; my last payment to Toothfairy Finance officially left my bank account today via fast payments meaning that my debt is now settled. And whilst the monetary debt is settled, the emotional debt – as clichéd as it sounds – is far from being settled.

Whilst this almost sounds like the end of an era, it’s really just the end of the chapter. Y’see, I’ve now paid off a fair few debts but the handling of my situation by various creditors or even their debt collection agents has been pretty good, if not for the occasionally ropey patch – mainly at the start of my DMP. This is however not the case with Toothfairy Finance/Northern Debt Recovery/Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. I’m sure you’re probably aware of that, hence being here… reading this.

So whilst I’ve soldiered through a bit of a nightmare with cowboys like Larholt and Chapple, I felt it was time to take one back for the team and I have filed my claim form with MoneyClaim Online. The start of a new chapter.

If you feel you’ve wrongly over paid companies like Toothfairy, the MCOL website is an excellent place to start if communication has broken down between yourself and the company involved. In this case, I don’t think communication has ever been short of a non-starter.

Additional things in my ongoing case with Toothfairy worth noting:

TFF still haven’t cashed my £10 for my SAR request. I know they’ve had it, THEY know they’ve had it, however when I emailed them, it would appear they’re running some bumpf that reads certain words and fires a terrible response back – their reply: You’re committing a fraud and will go to prison. Aye aye captain.

It’s worth noting that if they do not reply to my SAR request by mid December, I can go back to the court again for a second claim.

As always, please get your complaints in to Consumer Direct and the OFT as they will look at them.

In the mean time, if you have a case that you would like to share in detail with the world, I’m planning on running a semi-anonymous section on here of various horror stories of people dealing with Toothfairy Finance and their horrible spin offs. If you’d like to help, please email me at

Hands at work

November 20, 2011

This is a bit of a monumental month for this blog as the 25th will mark the final payment made towards the Toothfairy Finance repayment plan. Whilst it’s disheartening to know that I’ve paid over the odds for this loan (more on that in a second), looking at the traffic generated on a daily basis through this blog and the Google results for “Toothfairy Finance“, it’d appear we’ve bought a lot of negative press to the company. Who can forget that between the collective effort of blogs such as Grody’s and forums like the Consumer Action Group, we’ve even managed to get the Daily Mirror to investigate!

So whilst one chapter closes this month, another begins with the start of an MCOL case against Toothfairy Finance/Northern Debt Recovery/Marshall Hoares Bailiffs/whoever to reclaim the amount that’s been over paid. At least if I lose my case, it’s very small amount to pay but it definitely opens up a few other avenues for investigation.

Whilst I had the idea of using MCOL in mind for the best part of four/five months, I received a phone call earlier this month from The Office of Fair Trading, which was unexpected but extremely encouraging and ultimately has persuaded me to continue the good fight.

This is definitely progress and the start of a whole new scenario. I would say to anyone still facing issues with this company: Send email complaints to The OFT enquiries email address and call Consumer Direct with your complaint. The OFT will review these complaints if particularly severe on the reference Consumer Direct provide – so get to it!

A small victory

September 25, 2011

Late to the party on this one but as I’ve so reliably been informed both via Twitter, email and here, our friends in Toothfairy Finance – Oliver Larholt and Gary Chapple – have had another 15 minutes of fame in The Mirror.

Thanks to Grody for the heads up (more on his work after the article) and @griff220 on the Twitter feed. Most importantly, thanks to Nick Sommerlad of The Mirror for his time on this one!

Here’s an excerpt for you. Read the full article here.

This won’t hurt a bit, says payday lender Toothfairy Finance

…James, from Essex, took out a £400 two-week payday loan with Toothfairy Finance in March.

This lot charges 2689% annual interest – or, more accurately, 9% per week plus a whole lot more if you fail to pay it back.

Which James did, after he lost his supermarket job. Within six weeks his debt had ballooned to £708.

He asked for more time to arrange a debt management plan but Toothfairy insisted on all money within four weeks or they would add on extra fees.

Next, while he was getting the P45 that Toothfairy had requested as proof he’d lost his job, James got an email from Northern Debt Recovery accusing him of “ignoring all communications”.

His £400 loan had now turned, in just 11 weeks, into a £1,212 debt, including NDR’s £200 fee for taking on the case…

That sounds incredibly familiar don’t you think?

In other news, Grody left me some comments the other day. Unfortunately it would appear that MHB are employing door collectors (note the term door collector, not bailiff) who don’t take to kindly to being challenged. Check out his call recordings here. I don’t think a “bailiff” would use the phrase “I will kill you” if they were actually certified – despite some antagonisation. If you’re the unlucky victim of these doorstep scammers, film them, call the police, tell them to fuck off, just don’t let them in. They’ve no more right to be at your doorstep than an Avon lady or a Jevohahs Witness and have the same rights as them as far as collecting debts. The Avon lady is less likely to threaten you with a knee capping though! (Sorry Avon & JW’s!)

To all those who have previously commented!

August 27, 2011

If you’ve commented on my blog before with TFF complaints and issues with a legitimate email address you should have a very important email coming through to you – please read carefully and respond accordingly!

In other news – I’ve just paid my second repayment for my debt and I’ve not had any sort of threatening non-payment email or anything yet. I did however get a reminder the day before and it’s quite clear they still haven’t learnt!

If you fail to honour this agreement and you ignore us all charges will immediately become due. Recovery Agents will be sent to all addresses we have on file for you in order to obtain payment.
Should this also prove unsuccessful we will be liaising with solicitors who will obtain a County Court Judgement against you. Once this is secured we will return with a Warrant of Execution from the County Court and certified Court Bailiffs to seize goods at 9 times the value of what you owe.

Ha, okay.

Trying to see if anyone understands compliancy.

August 15, 2011

I’ll be honest, that previous email riled me up a little bit and really has forced me to take the next step with this although I don’t want to reveal too much on a public forum.

Time for a little response and see if anyone at this company has got the brass to a) answer my questions and b) follow ICO compliancy. You may remember from a previous post when I asked for my data I was simply told that “Maybe if you pay your loan we can arrange something”. WRONG ANSWER. Funnily enough, an answer from the man below.

I’m not expecting much more than regurgitated script, but they can take today as the start of a 40 day countdown.

[note] Since posting the email address, it would seem that my emails are no longer accepted – anyone had any joy with this?

[another note] The Marshall Hoares website is so retarded that you can’t use apostrophes in your messages to them – what sort of grammar bigot came up with that?

Hi Jason or whoever fancies reading this – this is a reply to my previous email seeing as you seem to have blocked me.

Multiple credit licenses mean very little – I’m more concerned that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs do not appear on any bailiffs register, especially when I called the registrar for the Ministry of Justice who said – in no shorter terms – “never heard of them”.

You probably remember the various voicemails that you left on my mobile calling from NDR and no doubt you probably remember telling me “I won’t be so brave when the bailiffs come knocking” as a representative for MHB – it’s really quite funny as I called NDR and asked who the chap with the South African twang was and they dropped your name. It’s also strange that when I called Marshall Hoares and asked the same question I got the same response. Are you seriously telling me that a company quite clearly operating out of one property, despite claiming to be based in others happens to have agents with the very same name as yourself? Is there any danger of being able to speak to Greg Campbell or Jack Rogers? I noticed that when I spoke to “Georgina” at MHB sent me an email confirming our call, signed “Greg Campbell” under the NDR pseudonym – that violates the OFT guidelines for debt management, not including their terms set for you.

Hearsay aside, I would like all my information held on me, both written, electronic and voice calls passed to me under the Data Protection Act 1998. If you can supply a cost for this, I will make it payable to you via postal order.

Seeing as “Georgina” has stressed you work in a paper free environment and will not sign recorded delivery letters you can take this as formal notification. I expect a response to this email in good time and I shall allow the maximum of 40 days for you to pass this information on to me.

As I possess the same power as your “bailiffs”, might I just come to your office or your directors homes and pick it up and seven times the value of the cost to me?


This is one that no doubt warrants a few phone calls in the morning…

August 12, 2011

It’s taken since July 28th to actually get a response from these crooks but finally Jason has replied to me and delivered a horribly predictable spiel about how TFF/NDR/MHB are all seperate companies. Fool! Whilst, I understand you have multiple credit licenses, it doesn’t seem to answer the fact you call from multiple companies and false aliases. Your credit license is akin to a dog living in a stable – it’s not a horse. Excuse my analogy.

Dear xxxx

Thank you for your email.

We can asure [sic] you that we are seperate companies, our company registration number is 06871092 and NDR\’s [sic] company registration number is 6956396.

Please be aware that when you make a payment with cash or with online banking it can take 3-5 business days for your payment to reach your file.

We are more than happy to co-operate with you in regards to any matter that may arise and assist you in repayment of your debt.

Please continue to make your payments as have doing to keep up with your schedule.

Yours faithfully

Jason Ash (43)

Door Collections

Marshall Hoares Bailiffs

Telephone: 0843 381 1111

Lovely, that’s only taken a week to receive and in the response I’ve not been told that my money has been received nor have they really answered any of the questions I’ve posed.

Mr. Larholt? I can see you’re my number one fan – give me a call moosh.

A whole load of threats from a whole bunch of nobodies

July 28, 2011

If you’ve been following my blog you’d of noticed a lack of posts – mainly due to the fact that earlier this month I’d agreed a repayment plan with Marshall Hoares Bailiffs for the 27th of each month and, up until now at least, they’ve left me the-fuck-alone. Knowing that other people across the big ol’ brilliantly-candid-internet have horror stories to tell about repayments being ignored, I thought I’d play it cool and pay my agreed sum a few days early – a payment my bank 100% acknowledges.

So how surprised was I (my sarcasm metre just exploded) when I received TWO emails today from NDR about lack of payment. I’m very sorry, but a) you’re wrong and b) I dealt with Marshall Hoares Bailiffs so why are you contacting me about it? So now I’m being pursued again by two out of three companies which is a practise they already acknowledge is incorrect (oh yes, that little doozy was recorded when I spoke to them last) and they’ve still blocked my email address when I send them hate mail.

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve received.

Loan Ref: xxxxxx / PCPF / manual failure

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

You agreed to a payment plan to settle your ToothFairy Pay Day Loan to avoid further charges, recovery and legal action.

You agreed to pay GBP 75 by 26.07.2011.

The following payment of GBP 75 in relation to your loan with ToothFairy Pay Day Loan – Ref xxxxxx has not been received as at 28/07/2011

Your outstanding balance is GBP 313.8.

By failing to honour this agreement ALL charges immediately become due and previously agreed repayment timings are no longer available.

Recovery Agents WILL now be sent to all addresses we have on file for you in order to obtain payment. Should this also prove unsuccessful we will be liaising with solicitors who will obtain a County Court Judgement against you. Once this is secured we will return with a Warrant of Exe cution from the County Court and certified Court Bailiffs to seize goods at 9 times the value of what you owe.

It is essential that you honour commitments you make.

As a last chance, you should pay GBP 75 by:

1. going online at and clicking Pay Now;


2. making payment to:
Barclays Bank
Account Number: 93462382
Sort code: 20-50-94
Reference: Use your mobile number (xxxxxxxxxxxx) as a reference so we can match it correctly

Please ensure that these funds reach us by the end of business. If this is done there is no need to contact us today and your repayment plan can continue.

Please Note: We reserve the right, per our Terms & Conditions, to continue to automatically debit your account for the agreed scheduled amount OR the full amount if payment is not received.

If you have already repaid and this is not reflected in the above statement please c ontact us so we can investigate this further and correct your file.

Yours sincerely,

0843 381 0843

WRONG. The next email is where it gets a little confusing.


Dear xxxxxxxxx

Re loan ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx / xxxxxx / 104 (PP-F)

Notice: All correspondence relating to your Toothfairy Loan ref: xxxxxxx taken out on 15.04.11 08:49 should be referred through Northern Debt Recovery.

You have failed to honour the payment plan you agreed to so this file has been fast-tracked for recovery through the courts and by recovery agents.

You should contact Northern Debt Recovery within 24 hours days on 0843 381 0843or we will be left no option but to send our Recovery Agents to all addresses we have on file for you in order to obtain payment. This will incur additional fees.

We will shortly be liaising with solicitors to obtain a County Court Judgement against you. Once this is secured we will return with a Warrant of Execution from the County Court and certified Court Bailiffs to seize g oods up to 9 times the value of what you owe.

Legal and Recovery fees have been added to your file. Below is a breakdown of what you owe

Loan and Interest £416
Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) 26.08.11 10
Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) 09.09.11 10
NDR Accept Case File 22.09.11 200
Solicitors – Instructed 22.09.11 150
Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 56) 22.09.11 10
Closing Amount Discount 17.10.11 380

Repayments todate £102.2
Total £313.8

These fees may be reduced if contact is made immediately.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU CALL US IMMEDIATELY ON 0843 381 0843. We can in certain circumstances put you on a more affordable payment plan but this requires your cooperation.

WARNING: This debt will only increase in size the longer you ignore it as interest , Court fees and Bailiff fees continue to accrue.

If this debt has already been settled p lease contact us immediately so we can correct your file.

Yours sincerely,

DEBT MANAGER – Greg Campbell
0843 381 0843

Why is it confusing? Mainly because of this line:

Repayments todate £102.2

Oh, that’ll be the initial payment of £27.20 I paid you and the £75 I agreed to pay this month – so not only have you acknowledged the payment, you’re telling me its not been received so “give us some money”. Fuck off.

So, I thought I’d email our Saaf Afrikaan friend Jason Ash again seeing as he has the only email address that doesn’t bounce my messages now (probably not after this email). Just so you know, I’m not frustrated by their actions. Err.

I’m starting to lose my patience with you shysters.

Why are NDR contacting me about not paying this amount when I made the agreement with you – is it because you’re actually the same company? Be honest now!
Why are NDR still using the fake aliases of Jack Rogers and Greg Campbell?
You will of noted that I have paid the amount, as your email demanding money states that the total repayments made are £102.20 (A payment of £27.20 and £75 due this month).
Is your company so stupid that it can’t follow the OFT regulations for debt collecting procedures and more importantly, has someone bought a slightly larger abacus up there?
Is Mr. Larholt available at his property this week? I’d quite like to have a word face to face if that’s possible.
Best fucking regards,
I’m sure they know who this is by now and to be honest, I’m past caring, hopefully the last sentence will prompt some phone call about how I can’t visit someones property without a court order; hang on, that’s what they do! D’oh!

Letter of Instruction – Marshall Hoares Bailiffs

July 2, 2011


Online payment ID: xxxxxx

Outstanding amount: 796

Letter of Instruction

Reference: BAILIFF/INTR/xxxxxx

Client: ToothFairy Finance Ltd – ToothFairy Pay Day Loan
Client Ref: xxxxxx

Date: 02/07/2011

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

We are writing to give you formal notice that ToothFairy Finance Ltd – ToothFairy Pay Day Loan has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt.

Our records show that you have failed to make payments / not come to an acceptable payment arrangement/ not responded to correspondences / when agents have visited your addresses you have not answered. 

We intend to pursue you fully for all outstanding sums (GBP 796) including any fees we incur collecting this debt. Payment in full must be received no later than 13:00 SEVEN days from 02/07/2011

TAKE NOTICE: You should accept this letter as formal notification that unless payment is received within 7 days then your account will be considered for the following:

Consequences of inaction:
1. Court Judgement legal action will be automatically started in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding. Any such proceedings will include additional claims for legal costs and interest which will increase the amount you will be required to pay.
2. Warrant of execution will be applied for to enable us to seize goods at your addresses and or an attachment of your earnings.
3. Register of Judgements any judgement will be entered in a public register, the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines Credit Reference Agencies, who will supply the m to credit grantors and others seeking information on you financial reputation. This will make it very difficult for you to get credit.
4. Credit reference ToothFairy Finance Ltd have already advised the Credit Reference Agencies of your DEFAULT. This may seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. Once the balance is paid in full, only then will the default be shown as “Default Satisfied”.

Yours Faithfully

Door Collections
Marshall Hoares Bailiffs
Telephone: 0843 381 1111

The content of this email should not be considered as an acceptance of any offer unless we previously review and expressly approve in writing your terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of this email.

The information in this email is private and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient(s) or have otherwise received this email in error, please delete the email and inform the sender as soon as possibl e. This email may not be disclosed, used or copied by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). Any opinions, statements or comments contained in this email are not necessarily those of Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. If you wish clarification of any matter, please request confirmation in writing.

Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited.
Registered Company No.: 6871092
Consumer Credit License: 631168

So finally Marshall Hoares have actually become part of my case, despite contacting me before this notification – this is where the fun really begins!

If you follow this blog regularly, you may have noted I’ve already told this lot to jog on and the most they’ll get from me is £272, unless the case actually (doubtfully) goes to court and I’m told otherwise. To add emphasis to my intentions, I made a payment of £27.20 to show that I’m not ignoring them.

This email has not acknowledged my recorded letters, my multiple emails, my former-DMP requests or the fact I’ve actually paid some money, so it’s time to complain some more. A copy of this will be sent  to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who’ve launched an investigation in to this case for me. A copy will be sent to The OFT, just to reinforce the fact that these idiots aren’t versed in any sort of legal knowledge and this is clear proof. A copy will also be sent to Trading Standards as the tone of this letter is very matter-of-fact and they do not give me a chance to defend myself other than by caving in to their outrageous demands in an unreasonable amount of time.

So Marshall Hoares Bailiffs, welcome to the thunder dome, what property would you like me to visit you at? 1a Sheffield Road which is an empty property which certainly doesn’t look like the sort of base for a “reputable bailiff” 0r am I more likely to find you at 15 Lyndhurst Terrace with Toothfairy and Northern Debt Recovery? Oh right, you’re not connected companies at all are you – silly me! Hang on, doesn’t this mean your canvasing business off site? Isn’t that also something your consumer credit license doesn’t permit you to do?

Two days…

June 29, 2011

Following on from yesterday’s post, it’s been a fairly quiet and uneventful day, aside from the five or six missed calls from “unknown” who are definitely NDR. Since I told them a few weeks ago everything they do will be under scrutiny from me and after implementing an online voice mail retriever they don’t seem to leave any voicemails any more. Good for them, I was getting a bit bored of people reading a script they don’t really understand and then losing their place half way through – I respect their tenacity though.

For some reason I haven’t had an email today trying to claim this mystical £36, which is good, because they STILL wouldn’t be getting it, but I’ve still had the annoying bullshit text message countdown telling me bailiffs are coming. Which ones are they? Not yours I assume as they’re not registered and as of yet, we’ve STILL NOT been to court.

These texts are annoying; not only are they menacing in nature (not to me, but I’m sure someone has probably believed them at some point), but it conflicts with earlier messages saying that door visits are imminent.  It’s all a bit misconstrued and definitely not compliant with rules AND THAT’S THE POINT!

Regardless, my letters to TFF/NDR/MHB have been sent recorded delivery again – all to the same address – but they’re not related companies, right? Never the less, that’s been sent off and The OFT are back in the loop. What will Thursday bring?


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